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Published: January 13, 2021

There are adult websites, which offer live sex chat, and then there are those which offer just a little more.

Make room for Chaturbate and its impressive collection of amateur shemale cam stars.

Here's a site, with more than just a chance of shemale xxx chat, as I'll explain.

In this Chaturbate shemale review, I inspect the trannies, and report back on my overall user experience. I give the chat rooms a once over, grading the video camera quality.

I also explain the benefits of joining as a paying member, highlighting the fun you can have tipping in the open sex shows.

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A seductive looking tranny found modelling on, as its name suggests, is the successful amalgamation of live chat and masturbation.

What a fantastic idea, and one that works, oh! so well.

You see, this site operates a thumbs-up freemium business model.

This means that you don't need to go private to see babes get naked, as these transsexual models can be found performing nude, in the open chat rooms.

Chaturbate is a tip orientated or goal driven sex site, dominated by egocentric wallets and hard hitting, sexy model action.

Walking into this adult cam site, can sometimes feel like walking into your favorite stripper joint with little to no money. You're most likely not going to last too long at the tables, and eventually be moved to standing room only.

Unless of course,

You're a high roller, big spender! Then it's royalty all the way, as you're ushered to the VIPs, with prime viewing rights. So long as the cash keeps flowing, strippers remain your own personal playmates.

It kind of works the same over here, either you are a free user with very limited site access, or you're a paying user with full site benefits.

Check this out, is home to cam models of all sexes and isn't strictly an amateur tranny porn site.

However, finding these gender benders on cam is made easy, as a Trans tab conveniently exists on the main homepage.

The Chturbate homepage, indicating the trans tab.

First Impressions

The main navigation is easy to understand and follow, with the important tabs and tags, neatly laid out.

The main gallery is a little busy for my liking, with too many chat rooms to choose from.

Although the model thumbnails are smallish, they do include useful information, such as age, location and how many current viewers in her room.

Knowing how many viewers are in a room is potentially important, as I'll detail further down in this Chaturbate shemale review.

I wasn't overly impressed, with the main gallery view being fixed and not adjustable.

Overall, my attention was more than piqued! I had fun scrolling through pages of gorgeous trannies, popping in and out of their rooms, and experiencing the free shemale xxx chat on offer!

As I've already mentioned in this Chaturbate shemale review, the public chat rooms are all loaded with free to watch, amateur tranny porn.

A sexy tranny babe with blue eyes models on

From trannies who exhibit small, pocket-sized penises, to the shemales boasting D-cups & rock-hard 9 inch cocks, there's always a seductive show, for you to follow and fapp to.

I like how Chaturbate have shifted from the conventions of model categories and instead, opted for the #Tag model indexing system. While categories are handy for searching popular models or chat rooms, #tags are even better.

With Chaturbate's tagging system, the porn menu is wide, varied and at times, kinky and hardcore.

Select from the choice of default tags posted on the page top, for starters.

When you're feeling even more adventurous, just hit either the Tags button found on the main blue navigation bar or the (more tags) button as illustrated below.

The Chaturbate navigation bar with default #tags and optional additional tags.

The following is just a sample of the types of amateur tranny porn, as featured on

  • #mistress
  • #pantyhose
  • #french
  • #milk
  • #hairy
  • #smoke

These are just a taste of some default cam rooms, for quick access.

When you select the (more tags) button, below are some more explicit options you can expect to find:

  • #german
  • #anal
  • #bigcock
  • #lovense
  • #cum
  • #bdsm
  • #ohmibod
  • #cumshow

Check this out,

Chaturbate has no fewer than 4 pages of tranny sex chat #tags to explore! You absolutely must visit to see for yourselves.

A sample of the many model #tags available on

One thing that you should know, is that there are no advanced search tools, and you're not able to select multiple tags simultaneously.

The Advanced Options that have been included, offer basic filters:

  • Prioritize HD Cams
  • Show Locations
  • Disable Recommendations

As you may have noticed looking at the main viewing gallery, some of the model profile pics have a Recommended indicator.

These are the performing shemales which have been preselected, using Chaturbate's system algorithm, for you to try.

Why anyone would want to disable this feature is beyond my understanding, as the models suggested are relevant and awesome.

I suggest leaving that little box unchecked, keep Chaturbate's recommendations flowing!

You can even setup the main gallery, and have the models displayed by geographic location.

This is neat, especially for those times when you feel like having an all out Asian shemale experience, or feeling festive and only have eyes for the South American trannies.

Personally, I left all the locations selected and kept my shemale browsing global.

There is also the convention of manual search, but this only works if you're looking for a specific tranny model by name.

The advanced search options and model filters as found on

If you're a fan of mouse previewing a model's room, I'm afraid to disappoint as this feature is lacking over here.

Don't be dismayed,

While there are no mini-videos, there is a super cool function called Scan Cams, which gives you a whole new shemale viewing experience.

This is how it works:

  1. Enter any available tranny chat room.
  2. Click Scan Cams, top right of page.
  3. Wait, and soon the viewing magic happens.
  4. Every 20 seconds, a new transgender babe appears!
  5. Sit back and relax, experience snippets of tranny video chat rooms.
  6. To exit this mode, hit any key.

This is an amazing feature, however some rooms did take a little longer to load up than others, and at times I didn't feel like I was getting my full 20 seconds worth of viewing time.

I did get to see a number of different performing shemales, from a variety of video chat rooms.

Technical hiccups aside, I absolutely loved using the scan cams mode, and would encourage any playful user to give it a try.

A sexy transgender model smiles while excahnging messages on

Getting Set Up

OK, first and foremost Chaturbate is free to use, you never have to pay a cent, if you don't want to.

You can visit and spend as much time watching trannies in different cam rooms, but that's pretty much all you can do.

Creating a member account is 100% free, no credit cards required and email is optional. The following information is needed to complete the registration process:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Birthday
  • Gender

There is an Email field included, but you're not obliged to fill it out.

I would recommend supplying an Email, not for the friend notifications, newsletters or broadcast and payout reminders, but for the simple act of account verification, which is important when money is involved.

For those familiar with web security, there is also the obligatory I'm not a robot box that needs to be checked.

The last step of the registration process is checking the terms and conditions.

The registration page on


Site Experience

As a Free User (Guest & Basic Member)

As I've already pointed out, in this Chaturbate shemale review, this is a predominately tip orientated or goal driven sex cam site.

This means that watching sexy amateur tranny porn is totally free!

Guest users are site visitors who haven't signed up. These users have limited site access, which is more or less the same as Basic members.

Guests, in general are prohibited from exchanging messages with the models, as their chat is usually silenced in the model's rooms.

The moment you sign up with a unique Username and Password, you become a Basic Member.

Basic Members have the following site privileges:

  • Watch all public nude tranny shows
  • Browse all the model bios and photo libraries
  • Strike up a conversation, as you exchange messages with the shemale models
  • Broadcast your own cam feed, if you want
  • Purchase Tokens and use them to tip during the open performances
  • Experience kinky private shemale xxx chat (if your account has Tokens)
A sexy Latina tranny models for the camera on

While I'm at present giving insight on how to use this site for free, these amateur tranny porn stars are here to make cash.

They do this mostly, by performing for tips.


The more people that are in her room, the more the tgirl potentially does, depending on the tips she's raking. If people are rooting for her and incentivizing her in just the right way, you can just kick back & relax.

Take in the show, on fortunes of others.


Bare in mind that it's the tipping members who get the glory as they are rewarded with the model's complete attention. Besides, not tipping also means not having a say in what the sexy performing tranny does, or how she does it.

Basic members can access all the model profiles and read up on their favorite gender benders.

In theory this sounds great, however as I discovered, not all the models have their walls updated, and many have just the bare minimum about themselves filled out.

Considering the mind blowing live performances that most shemale babes deliver, incomplete bios are soon forgiven.

I'm more than OK with guests being silenced in the rooms, as they can often be pesky and relentless.

After all, they've not taken the small time required to register, even as a Basic member with no Tokens. Just how serious could they be about this site?

I need to stress that while you can sign up as a Basic Member and never spend a dollar, getting a few Tokens puts you right in the action! Let your inner player out, and have a little fun.

A seductive tranny in full masturbation mode performs on

As a Paying User (Supporter)

If you count yourself among Chaturbate's super-duper-duper extreme fans, pay your dues and sign up as a Supporter.

Supporter membership costs $19.95 per month, but does include a few strong benefits:

  • Custom chat font and color options - be different, stand out from the crowds
  • Private messaging - connect with your favorite models VIP style!
  • Clean, AD-FREE interface - the best way to enjoy shemale xxx chat

It gets even better,

Supporter members are welcomed with a one time bonus of 200 FREE TOKENS (worth $20.99).

Supporter members are undoubtedly the whales on this site, as they have the cash to splash.

These are the serious players who enjoy everything Basic members enjoy and then more.

You might consider becoming a Supporter member for 1 month, just so that you can score the free Tokens, and then cancel.

You may even become converted, realizing that it doesn't get any better than uninterrupted, 100% AD free shemale xxx chat.

A seductive transgender babe caught teasing on cam.

Supporter members and Basic members (with Tokens in their account) get to take sexy shemale models into private 1-on-1 sex shows. There's even a way in which you can cam2cam.


It's a complicated process involving you setting up your own room first, and then inviting the model to join your room.


Without having a password, anyone is able to access your room, so you need to have a password setup first, an then share your password with the invited model. She needs to accept your invite and then join your room, for cam2cam to work.

As I said, cam2cam is possible, but difficult.

The focus of Chaturbate, paying or otherwise is the shared group experience and collective member tipping, which keeps the model going.

Sex Show Costs

Aside from the open sex shows, which take place in public video chat rooms, there is private 1-on-1 tranny sex chat on offer.

Going private, choosing exclusive amateur tranny porn, there are some interesting things worth knowing:

  • Costs will differ from model to model
  • Usually starting from around 30 Tokens per minute
  • I even came across tranny models charging a staggering 150 Tokens per minute
  • There's usually a minimum time requirement which ranges from model to model (3-10 minutes)
  • Some shemales even allow private show recordings. These movies end up reflecting in your My Collection
A seductive looking oriental shemale models on

There is also the option of joining a Group Show.

These are similar to the open shows, but are restricted in viewership number. Usually a maximum of 4 members is allowed.

Group shows also differ in costs as models get to set their own per minute fees, starting from 12 Tokens a minute upwards.

As far as Spy Shows are concerned, again these costs differ and begin from 12 Tokens per minute.

Token Packages

The following Token bundles are available on Credit Card (Visa/MasterCard/Discover):

  • 100 Tokens for $10.99
  • 200 Tokens for $20.99 (5% Bonus)
  • 500 Tokens for $44.99 (22% Bonus)
  • 750 Tokens for $62.99 (31% Bonus)
  • 1000 Tokens for $79.99 (37% Bonus)

Using Credit Cards seems to be the most popular way to buy Tokens, however there are alternate payment options:

  • Debit Card
  • Wire Transfer
  • Bitcoin
  • Money Order
  • Certified Check
The Purchase Tokens landing page on

Using a different payment option could result in slightly different pricing per Token.

Let's say you want to complete a wire transfer. The minimum purchase is $250.00, and you are credited at $0.80 per Token. This means that a wire transfer of $1,000.00 will be credited 12,500 Tokens.

It's best to refer to the site direct and get all the finer details, about the different payment methods.

Model Selection

This is always going to be a point of contention, the issue of numbers. Who can say with certainty how many registered tranny models there are on any given sex cam site?

What I can say with conviction, is during the time of compiling this Chaturbate shemale review, I logged extensive site browsing hours, over the span of a 7 day week.

As far as I can tell, there appeared to be between 120 - 160 online performing shemales, and these numbers certainly spiked during the busier peak hours.

One thing that I must add, is that most of these models are real genuine amateurs, which I'm a fan of.

Real performing amateurs always gets my cock rock-hard!

The transgender start page has a wide selection of models, as featured on

Customer Support

There is a pretty comprehensive and detailed FAQ section, under the Support tag bottom of the homepage. Here, users and members can read through a range of popular topics, which have been broken down into articles.

Some of these popular topics cover:

  • Getting Started
  • Broadcasting
  • Buying Tokens
  • Private Shows
  • Chat
  • Mobile Chaturbate

There are other topics of interest, and I definitely recommend checking them out, despite having site questions or queries. Though I never read every article, the ones that I did read, were detailed and informative.

There is also an option of email support.

I would have liked to have seen Online Live Chat Support, a definite prominent feature on all other popular sex cam sites.

The FAQ section, includes popular topics and email support.

Pros & Cons


✔ - Totally 100% free to watch shemale sex cams.
✔ - Many of the shemale models streaming HD cam feeds.
✔ - A good number of online models.
✔ - There are many ways to earn bonus Tokens: Invite your friends, upgrade your membership & increase your daily spending limit.
✔ - Scan Cams, a unique Chaturbate browsing mode, where video chat rooms are refreshed every 20 seconds.


✖ - The more popular open rooms can sometimes feel overcrowded and chaotic.
✖ - Cam2cam although offered, is difficult and complicated.
✖ - The site could do with more comprehensive Advance Search Tools.

Finishing Thoughts

While some adult sex cam sites claim free to watch sex cams. has them in abundance!

Chaturbate has and continues to be a definite stop on the circuit of online amateur tranny porn.

The variety of models is simply outstanding as I played the field. I had a rather explicit encounter with a shemale, who specialized in the arts of BDSM.

And then of course, there was the memorable trans couple private sex show.

If you're not into massive crowds and prefer the real intimacy of private 1-on-1 sex shows and live to cam2cam, you're most probably better off on a site like

Considering that this live chat site offers free cams, Chaturbate was always going to get my thumbs up.

Add to the list, a number of HD chat rooms featuring a selection of performing trannies, and this site checks just about all the right boxes.


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